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 ‘Twas an ill wind blowing on that August day. ‘Twas a portent of what was headed that way. All saints and sinners, aye ye better take heed, of the storm they called Katrina.  
You can hear them in the nurseries addicted before they breathe. You can rock them, gently rock them, but still the babies grieve. You can watch them on a playground fighting foes that don’t exist,
The Sun can't reach her She's covered in mud and planted in a hole that her tears water Salt from the earth runs deep through her veins And her dark skin reflects like jewels in a cave
It was hard for her husband and child to believe what she had done.She ran off with a sugar daddy and abandoned her husband and son.She did her husband wrong but I believe what she did to her son was worse.
Somebody abandoned their cat and it's a damn shame.I have decided to call her Penny, that is her new name.After being abandoned, she decided to live here and she has chocolate brown fur.
Somebody abandoned a cat in my neighborhood.They no longer wanted her so they got rid of her for good.At first, she'd come on my property for a few hours and then she would leave.
P,p   Pause push ....push play ... round and round go the days . Virgil Hayes and  Carmen too... suns up something new .
Shedding tears is part of human emotional package. And most time we shed tears in response of an emotional state. But do we always cry when in pain? Can we cry because we are happy?
I'll never understand the way you left and why. Forgiveness will be difficult, over three years went by. In all that time you never called or hardly even wrote.
That bottle sat there half empty, atop my dresser where you left it. I often looked at it with envy, knowing that it touched your lips.   Some told me that the bottle was half full,
You were young  and dumb.   A  man from Juárez, driving around Aurora.   Banda music blaring  from the speakers,
In the silent wilderness, wasn’t so silent My thoughts racing threw my mind, they all seemed so blind. As I claimed to be fine, my limits have now ultimately crossed the line.
Do you remember the days, the nights, the adventures we always used to share? Flying away on wings of laughter that were built on mutual care. Five good friends and lots of fun was all I used to need.
Grace be that flower and how she glistens. Your eyes sift along and you don't see truth, It's not about the grace but who listens. She will need you to see through to the youth;
Most girls know what its like  That feeling waiting for daddy to come home Sitting by the door Listening for the car door to slam The footsteps and the keys in the door  
Still hiding away in Mom’s belly, but you left us both the day she told you the news. You knew you had a wife and two boys at home but you forgot them all to date some blonde.
You came, you saw, you conquered. You conquered, came, then left. You promised love and joy and fuck, You fucked and left the rest.    Your serpent words they fooled me. You had a gentle touch. 
How the world is against feeling numb! The towering trees demanding awe,  The twittering birds crying for attention, The fascination one feels from looking at a lake. How beautiful the feeling of being in love,
I'm mourning you, except you're not dead I am I must be How else would I have lost a family? Whole families don't die together, and yet, I lost you and yours So, I must be dead.  
I am a boat Guided by the great light My beloved captain I tote Sailing into stormy night My sails fill with wind My hull lurches fowards I felt the bend Before the break in my boards
Dear Dad, Because of you, I grew up without a dad. Or what I think is "without a dad." You and mom divorced when I was one and you were always inconsistent in my life. You'd be there and then you wouldn't. This went on for years.
Dear Ex Best Friend, I stand upon the shore of roaring sea Attempting to see all that I have lost. I dream what might have been and still might be.
On top of a mountain surrounded by snow.Eyes looking everywhere where did you go?My fingers slipped right from your graspedand led me to my life's last. Where did you go?
It has been said that a penny found heads up on the ground is a fortune of good luck.   The rain pours while the thoughts in their heads carves out of the pavements.
I looked up. For the first time, I saw you. I saw me.   My eyes, Yours. My face, The resemblance.
I beg this question upon you,  Tie up my wrists  Bind my heart  Wrap it tenderly beneath your knife  I assure you It does not bleed For bleeding is a sign of death,
Heavenly father as I wake to this new day you have made; I thank You and your Son for the price that was paid. I know at times it may feel like I've hidden through my dismay,
The pain of the cuts in the bleed and the bleeding in my cuts, the sorrow's rush. Explain to what is happening, this unknown feeling of the pulse of a dying heart. Because I gave you my all. What makes it worse is that you left me to fall.
And there we were deteriorating. Where were you when we were degenerating. And here you lack some empathy. And our corrupt hearts are worsening, regressing.   Go ahead and mourn with other people.
And then you      left me hanging   With my fingertips on the cliff- and as I   Fell onto the
She wondered why he was never home And only thought and thought Maybe he was really near Or maybe he just forgot
The numbness is growing, Or is it sadness instead, That will plague me until death. I feel so alone in this world Where my darkness descends. I feel forgotten  by my memories
I reach out Then I pull back And squeeze my eyes shut After all, They don’t need me anymore   I stand in the dust
I watch the wave, come in, go out, come in, go out. Softly brushing the white sand, of a bloody beach.  
Tick! Tock!, goes the clock, That seems its repeated refrain. It never stops or ever fails, And bores into my brain.   Click! Clack!, goes the steps,
Second place The backburner The fault bearer Worthless Stupid Idiot Liar Anorexic Twig Bird   In the background I silently watch as work takes over
"These strings are heavy  These strings are poor It's me they steady As they close the door I hate these strings I hurt, it stings To desert my meaning."  
she doesn't talk about how her dad leftimmediately after finding outabout her existenceshe doesn't talk abouthow her mom ignoredthe not so straight lines on her wristshow she was never confronted
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
I tried so hard to stay by your side
Mesmerized by the beauty Lost in the harmony She is Not focused on the problems But the glory Nor the sadness But their story Not attentive to their faults Only noticing the shine
It's 2 a.m., on a cloudy night as the man trudges down the street. He looks at the ground, then over his shoulder as he stumbles over his feet.   In his hand, an almost-empty bottle of Jack
do you ry at 3 in the mornin worryin bout me roamin
Eyes wide open,seem focused and all
All she ever knew
How am I supposed to love myself, when no one seems to love me, how am I supposed to keep my head up, when all this hurt pushes me down.? As I keep going, day through day, it builds up, breaking me down,
~a heart once so pure Heavy with burdens ~Smiles turn to gold Shy to break, soft to hold ~molded in flawless to be just flaws ~A heavy broken smile is all I am
look into my eyes  you will see blue  look into my heart 
I was thinking of you today You taught me so much in so many ways Like how to give up and just say goodbye And then to turn "love" into "wanting-to-die" You and my mom, you had it planned out so well
I've found something new to fascinate me. An old, abandoned apartment by the beach has taken my curiosity. What happened here? Every room is empty, every door locked. It's almost as if someone wanted to keep something out. No one comes here.
Chorus:   I'm stressed out A lot of stuff on my mind, I don't know what to do I'm stressed out I just want to be alone, so I'm sitting in my room I'm stressed out
She hated watching TVIt doesn't take anyone special to sit on a couch and stare
Once there was a man who left and his little girl was sad she cut her wrists and bleed for him as she wished to call him, dad there was an incident that spurred the path the family was split
Abandoned yet hopeful,
I could sit here all night
"I'm Sorry!" "Please come back..."
Little girl grown, how you toss and turn in your bed while images of him plague your sweet mind.In the night-time you see his face.
OutsideThe entirety of my resolve runs with the river of tears thatTrickle, thenAfter a brief moment of suspenseBreak free, carvingCruel lines down my ravaged cheeks, a howling flood letLoose. My eyes are
The shack The shed The grass has bred The leaves are dry The trees are dead The path forgot where once it led The birds no longer fly the sky The wind whispers words once said
He had dreams without Ambitions; A house, but not a Home.
Howling for recognition Incapable of moving Laying here alone Where are you
Once upon a timeI was a pumpkin,Orange and plump,Happy and safe, but
The pillows cling to your scent. The carpet caresses your footprints. The picture frame holds your image tightly. And the tub; the tub cradles me,  As tears rush down my cheeks.   
Lost within the crowd  I guess I wasn't important enough to be noticed  maybe it was because I didn't need you or crave your attention  maybe it was because they didn't want me to turn out like you
You left me that day. You told us to grab a bite to eat. When we put our key in thekeyhole, there was something different. IT NO LONGER TURNED... I wondered as a 3 year old young girl about what this all meant.
Withering walls with chipped paint, Alone here I sit and wait. Abandonment flooding like sealed doom, As if enclosed inside a tomb, Enraptures me with morbid haste; Energy drained and lost in space.
Dearest daddy we were always so close Your magic tricks and games made me love you the most But I was only three when I would finally see What you were doing to mommy and when you left me
Why do I write? That's a great question I want to feel like I am a blessing Instead of being treated less than By the woman who brought me into this world
Cold wind blowing.Chills run down small spines.I turn around, you're gone.We never got to...go to dances or play ball.No Christmas presents or Birthday cards.No visits. No "I love You's!"
Cold wind blowing.Chills run down small spines.I turn around, you're gone.We never got to...go to dances or play ball.No Christmas presents or Birthday cards.No visits. No "I love You's!"
My reflectlion distorted by the cracks As I passed the entry way mirror Walking through the vacancy  My own footsteps echoed like thunder; I stop It's so quiet I could hear the dust Settling behind me
You made me Then you left You fought for me But soon it became to much And you gave up You took a break One that was often ridiculed Exspecially by me now You didn't want me then
  I heard my worth in your words I saw my value in your acts Melodies that cannot be unheard Sights taken as fact   Unheard tears  Echoed by whispered prayers
  Eyes like diamonds A smile worth seeing A face of angel She stands there before me glowing and gleaming She talks
God says do not covet, but how? How do I tame my jealous eyes from wanting what I don't have? Contentment is never within my grasp. Some days I see it the beauty others claim is there
Do you love me? How do I know you're not lying? Do you trust me? Will you take a bullet to the heart? Do you need proof? To show how much you care? To show how much you love?
I don’t know much about the world, economy, politics and what not I didn’t know about slavery or racism at all for that matter I didn’t know about Martin Luther King’s dream and how the conquest for Civil Rights
Fair Maiden Alone How long must she travel On the path crooked and narrow All of which the suitors crossed None have shown the dear maiden Worthiness of her heart
Resting in a jarA single flower, pure and untouched. Corruption sings to you like a nightingale just waiting to be heard. When I saw your reflection in what I wished to be,
Stab my heart till I can't breath.  
He told me he loved me He said I was the one Before I knew it, he was done He got a new girl in a blink if an eye And I died a little inside I tried not to cry when he told me the news 
I hear your voice Like I wisp of air Indeed this wasn’t my choice Painful feelings I’ve learned to bare
Daddy daddy,here no more. And life is now knocking at the door. Mommys love can only solve so much,When daddy's not around and not in touch.
I can’t feel bad for what he did, Or what he never said. I can’t feel sad or anything, Even though he is dead. He left her as a baby, Saying nothing, not even a goodbye, To his little baby girl he left
A brush of his plumps makes thy drown in thought. Savoring sweets off thy flesh though aren't dame. Melting in cold hands one's soul does not rot. Embracing, peering at movement in frame.
I alone am here to stay, Far away far away I look at the mirror and what do I see? But a lonely little girl like me I wonder if she can talk like me Or walk like me Or even run a mile like me
How are you? It's awful I don't know. Where have you been? Not in my life; that's for sure Why did you leave? I can't seem to find you. Why am I still here? You left me behind you.
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