I love you Daddy


Little girl grown, how you toss and turn in your bed while images of him plague your sweet mind.In the night-time you see his face. All of his lines, his brown eyes, the curve of his mouth, his nose, his tan skin, his harsh cheeks and his dark hair.

You touch your own features to remember what he gave you from birth. You cry and call out into the night for God to give you new features, nothing that can be from him. However, you are left to have the face of a monster upon you.

With every word he spoke he laced your dreams with hope and bliss. In the daylight he could never confess his love for you. He left you with bruises upon your mind. So young a child as thee to be marred by his cruel hand.

Little girl, why do you love him so? Do you believe he will come back? "Yes", she cries as tears stream down her face. On the verge of eighteen...Do you expect him to come back? "No", I respond as tears and vomit stain my dress.

Further and further I dig my fingers into my throat. Temporary escape. He slips through my hands so easily.Little girl, little girl in the picture do you know what he will do to you? All of these years crying out for him to love you. Haven't you learned your lesson by now? I suppose not, since you still cling on to some stupid hope.

I whisper I love you into the night sky. Can he hear me through the harsh cold air? My only hope is that he loves me too. I love you daddy no matter how many times you cast me aside like I'm worthless to you. I've taken so much time to remember your face and voice it kills me with every breath I take.

I love you daddy. I hope you love me too.





It takes courage to love someone who has left you. It takes courage to hold them forever in your heart once they are gone. I remember the day I was taken away from my mom. I remember that she promised that she would come and get my siblings and me back. She still has not come and sadly I don't think she will ever come. Fortunately, I remember the love she had in her eyes when we departed. That love she held in her eyes and heart for me will never fade for I keep it alive in me everyday, but I had to separate from her for she did not know how to take care of my siblings and me especially herself. Those we love might love us, but they need time apart from us to get themselves situate. Don't give up on your father and continuously love and pray for him, but don't blame any of this on yourself for your father needs time to find himself all over again to love you like he should. It just takes God, time, and faith for situations like this to be alright. Keep your head up, keep praying, and keep loving. God bless and keep writing on my friend:)!!! 

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