"Best friend"


We were best friends once,

her and I.

We did everything together

we would laugh, we would cry.


We had so much fun,

it was a dream come true.

A best friend for life,

or so I thought. Wouldn’t you?


She said she was moving,

I said it didn’t matter

‘cause we’d still be best friends

our trust wouldn’t shatter.


Then the day comes,

it’s finally here.

I said I wouldn’t,

yet I can’t help but shed a tear.


She says, “We’ll always be friends,

I’ll miss you so much

I don’t want to move,

we’ll stay in touch.”


With that promise,

she drove away.

We talked until dawn

the very next day.


Slowly things drifted,

she didn’t call as much.

I would ask how she’s doing,

she didn’t really stay in touch.


I’d say “Let’s hangout,

I really miss you.”

“No I can’t.”

More like “No, I have better things to do.”


It’s been weeks, months,

since we had a conversation.

I don’t like this,

time for a confrontation.


I asked and she said

“No time for my old friends…

It’s hard to get together…”

the excuses never end.


So I gave up

on my so-called best friend.

Now we’re just strangers

no longer friends ‘till the end.

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