Reasons to be gloomy parts one and seven



Pause push ....push play ... round and round go the days .

Virgil Hayes and  Carmen too... suns up something new .

The half moons sliding across the sky ... not an eye in the house is dry.

Ascension or descending .... just found out that the offer”s been rescinded .


There was never any reason to think you weren’t true .

Now you’re gone what’s gonna happen to you ??

This just in .... life’s an uncaged zoo.

Say goodbye and take a baleful  last view .


Up down ... sideways ....round and round .

If you come back ? Let me know what’s been found .

The doors been closed and there’s no looking around .

I just can’t ride it or put it down .

In.-between silence and a piercing sound .


Sleep and work ..... breathe in and out .  Massive reasons to let it out .

It’s not there now the moon is full .

When it descends I might know .

I’m not liking this one man show .

Tell me again ..... why’d you go ?

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