Eyes wide open,
seem focused and all.
surprisingly I am confused,
unable to stand tall.
I need to soar,
but I also need to stand.
before I soar I'll need that helping hand.

I have been left alone,
just to crawl.
I often wonder
what's the point
when all this makes me unable to move at all.

I resort to no one,
you to that equal guy,
so its never hard to see the dunjon
the one of loneliness and patches of lies.
this loneliness ain't being caused by me.
but your choice to resort
I guess someone equal or more than me.
simple disagreements,
cause sleepless nights.
your sweet gestures,
they cause the fright.

due to your almost instant attraction,
and equality that has been clear in all contractions.
as for everyone,
rules apply with him,
there are no exceptions,
and if there are you have sinned.

remind me of you,
no one can.
You like being a sinner,
you are packed with plans.
as though you know this
I remind you of him,
I'm sorry but I hate to be your reminder,
reminders are just pinned.
they aren't of a lasting value,
you get rid of;
you unpin
when you are through.
imagine how sad they become,
imagine how blue.
new reminders set in place for different times ahead.
I won't be on of them
no I'll never be,
I'd rather be dead.


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