The Daughter You Didn’t Want

Still hiding away in Mom’s belly, but you left us both the day she told you the news. You knew you had a wife and two boys at home but you forgot them all to date some blonde. You got just a little too carried away and ran for the hills when that plus sign came. Your family could never know what you had done. So you left me and that poor blonde. So here I am, the result of your mistake. The one you made one night long ago, fatherless and broken but I don’t let it show. The daughter you didn’t want would sure make you proud, but it’s far to late for you to come around now. She never said anything about you to me. I had to hear it in whispers and learn on my own, about the man who was never home. You had left us before I was even born. What kind of coward could leave their unborn child? You hoped that she had got an abortion but here I stand, the daughter you didn’t want. You try to forget me but I know that deep down inside, you wonder about me. I hope it broke you, like you broke me, to leave your daughter alone and fatherless.

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