I'm mourning you,

except you're not dead

I am

I must be

How else would I have lost a family?

Whole families don't die together,

and yet, I lost you and yours

So, I must be dead.


I'm six feet under

Six feet of packed earth

How else could I become so lonely?

I must be buried

I must be.


That's it

Nobody can get to me

They miss me

I am missed

I must be?


They're digging, and I'm digging

How does a corpse dig?

Scratching and scratching and crying

I'm digging alone

Nobody's coming for me


I'm desperate and clawing at the dirt,

but I must be dead

I must be.

Why else would they have buried me?


I want them to come rescue me

They must be getting closer now

My eyes are full and my face is hot

I'm waiting and watching and waiting

They're not coming


They buried me and left.

I must be dead.

They wouldn't bury someone they love alive.

They love me.


I might be wrong,

but I can't be

So, I must be dead

I must be. 


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