Once upon a Time

Once upon a time
I was a pumpkin,
Orange and plump,
Happy and safe, but
Easily trampled underfoot.


I then became a flower,
Fragile and sweet,
But strongwilled and
defiant to the storms. But
Still fleeting in the winter cold.


I died quickly and 
was reborn a bird 
Free and proud,
But small and still so helpless.
The winds blew me off the ice
And the waves crushed me.


I opened to live again,
And I was a princess.
Beautiful hair, gowns and jewels.
Towers and walls and
A prince to
Save me from dangers.
Would they have guessed the
Danger was in myself?


After I fell from the steeple,
I became the southwind.
I flew the whole earth,
Had no heart to feel
No hands to hurt myself,
but could punish those who
Trampled me
Who froze me
Who pushed me.
Then the moon died and I
Once again did so too.


I awoke a star.
drifting endlessly
Watching in the dark
Finally light
Finally beautiful and unreachable
I could burn with rage
Or with joy.


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