He told me he loved me


He told me he loved me

He said I was the one

Before I knew it, he was done

He got a new girl in a blink if an eye

And I died a little inside

I tried not to cry when he told me the news 

But I have to admit my heart was bruised

I wanted to curl up in a ball

Go into a hole and fall, fall, fall

Mama always told me bad boys weren't any good

I just can't help it, I like them hood

Baggy pants,gold teeth, maybe a tatoo or two

Whose that? Oooooo he seems real cool

Little did I know, i'm just another one of his pretty fools

He got what he wanted, now on to the next fool

He used me like a toy, i'm just tool

It's all my fault, I shoud have seen

That it was all a lie when

He told me he loved me





This poem was inspired from my heart, and told by my fingers

Maritza Ruby Altamirano

Girl, it's hard to go through that phase but I have to say that not once did I think of you as the weak target. In this poem, you are strong! Props to you for telling this and inspiring other girls to rethink about the meaning of love. I love this poem! keep it up!

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