Lost within the crowd 

I guess I wasn't important enough to be noticed 

maybe it was because I didn't need you or crave your attention 

maybe it was because they didn't want me to turn out like you

i have shed many tears 

I have abused myself time and time again 

I've shot my nerves and brought myself to low points 

All just to see why you refuse to give love to me 

I understand my father was never around 

he's your son and you weren't proud 

but I'm not him I'm me 

I don't look much like him well maybe my hair or eyes 

but I promise when you look at me you won't see him within me 

though I don't know him well I know are personalities are far from the same 

hes much like you to be honest in every single way 

I forgave him long before now 

for hurting my family and leaving us for another 

he doesn't admit, but I see the regret in his eyes

the tears he she'd have left scars on his eyes 

I grew up with only a mother and brother that played dad even at a young age 

I'm not asking you to make up for it or put yourself back in place 

I just want answers

i want to know why you left me out 

family functions and movies dates with grandchildren 

knowing you had one who was abandoned and feelings alone 

all of this has made me stronger 

don't get me wrong I can stand on my own 

I need no crutch or a fake home 

answers are all I seek 


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