I'll never understand the way you left and why.

Forgiveness will be difficult, over three years went by.

In all that time you never called or hardly even wrote.

One year you missed my birthday, not one moment did you devote

To shoot a text, or say hello, or see how I was doing.

A relationship with me wasn't what you were pursuing.

No matter what you said or claimed, I wasn't in any danger

Except perhaps the one that came when you became a stranger.

I never cry because I'm strong or I need to be for others.

But when I do, I cry for you, while hiding beneath my covers.

I saw you once not long ago, I was angry, sad, and nervous.

You convinced one more to close her doors, pack up, and then desert us.

I haven't seen her in many months, which will soon turn into years.

The laughs I shared before with her, have now become lonely tears.

Famililal loyalty was valued more than anything but God.

So though you're gone, I love you still, though I find it kind of odd

My feelings never numb or fade, no matter how long you're away.

I miss you and my chest aches tell of heartbreak and dismay.

I had a friend once tell me that for him everybody leaves.

But he doesn't truly know of loss that comes in sobs and heaves.

So please continue communicating, would be final plea. 

I'd like to learn who you are now, as you try to know me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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