I heard my worth in your words

I saw my value in your acts

Melodies that cannot be unheard

Sights taken as fact


Unheard tears 

Echoed by whispered prayers

So many questions that led to fears

Have you left me beyond repair?


My pillow holds my voice

Unheard words left hanging in the air

As the closing door shows your choice

Reminding me that life is unfair


These lies you taught me

Sound as truth in the dark

A loud screaming marquee

Confusing who I am with who you are


Worth my struggle, and value my demon

On this journey, shame my unwanted companion

I want nothing more than to find freedom

From the shackles of being abandoned


You left,  I know I can make it on my own

But now I fear that loving me may be rough

I long to be loved, to be fully known

And to know that who I am is enough


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