Finding the Truth


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I can’t feel bad for what he did,
Or what he never said.
I can’t feel sad or anything,
Even though he is dead.
He left her as a baby,
Saying nothing, not even a goodbye,
To his little baby girl he left
That’s the end of it, that’s a lie.
She struggled with it for years after
Learning that he left
Leaving her and never trying to say anything again.
She thought she was unlovable, a bastard child, screwed up.
She would never amount to anything; no one would hold her love.
All that changed when she met her man, the man who showed her she was wrong.
He showed her an unconditional love, and she gave him her soul.
He made her see that she was never any of the things she had ever felt,
In fact she was very lovable, it was her birth dad who had missed out.
She found out he died just yesterday and to her it didn’t mean a thing,
This man who left her without a word and only called her after she turned eighteen.
Say what you want of this man, Say what you think to be true.
This girl only knows one thing and that is what is true.
He left her when she was a baby, didn’t bother to call or write
And only called her right after the month she turned eighteen.
Do you blame her for not wanting to talk to him?
For being shaken to her core?
This man who could leave his baby at all, and now suddenly had the nerve to call?
So I shall not judge of this man,
For he was nothing to me
He left me as a baby and chose his lifestyle over me.
He is dead now and I feel nothing at all,
But can you blame a girl like me?
He left me and I struggled for years, to find the true me.
So here I am, finally,
Figuring out the truth.
Figuring out all of me and unveiling the truth.


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