Ambiguous Brush


United States
34° 0' 28.4004" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W
United States
34° 0' 28.4004" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W
United States
42° 31' 24.0348" N, 71° 44' 18.6828" W
United States
34° 0' 28.4004" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

A brush of his plumps makes thy drown in thought.
Savoring sweets off thy flesh though aren't dame.
Melting in cold hands one's soul does not rot.
Embracing, peering at movement in frame.

Although from afar, thee aroma roams.
Singing soft melodies through lifeless wire.
Feeling thy warmth inside, my clear glare foams.
Minty wet texture, such teasing squire.

Too thee I bow, retrieving "no abridgment".
Thou art not hesitant, both bodies thriving.
Swelter, perspire, final thaw of cement.
Detested feeling of sulfur subsiding.

Thou sweeps through my hourglass and it becomes day.
I wake to the smell of precipitation.
Thy smile glistens like the sun's heavenly ray,
Submitting a succulent suede sensation.

I feel the zephyr of thy steaming breath
As he nears to knap my trapezius.
Reasoning thou art friskin', I pseud a sudden death.
The chortling becomes a tone so serious.

Thou kneels at the edge of the chamber bed.
I contribute an innocent expression of confusion.
Drawing a diamond ring, turning my face rose red.
It senses like a misleading delusion.

Thou knew, and 'round my neck laif fingers of vine.
Thy being crafty, possessed no heart but only desired lust.
A fist met thy face, gone was the taste of sweet wine.
The ring abandoned beneath the covers, left to slowly rust.

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