Why I Write?

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:15 -- aadeggs


Why do I write?

That's a great question

I want to feel like I am a blessing

Instead of being treated less than

By the woman who brought me into this world

She doesn't care and often say that I'm not a little girl

I want you to be around

I want you in my life

 I want you to be there teaching me what's wrong and right

But you left me, high and dry

I text you and I receive no reply

I often ask Why

Like why do you treat me this way?

You have no answer and pretend that everything is ok

You are not affectionate

No "I Love You's or I Miss You"

When I'm over 600 miles away

I didn't receive a call

Wondering if I made it in safe

I am curious if you want to erase me

I don't get any support or love from you

But it's okay

I will be successful and make it anyway

I wish you were here

I wish you were by my side

I want my MOTHER to here along the ride

But I continue to smile

Continue to hide my feelings and face

Just know that I Love You and no one can take your place.



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