Time Kills

Tick! Tock!, goes the clock,

That seems its repeated refrain.

It never stops or ever fails,

And bores into my brain.


Click! Clack!, goes the steps,

The sound of feet on solid wood.

It’s down the hall or up the stairs,

But it all goes silent one day.


Ping! Pong!, goes the pen,

I dropped it, oops, my bad.

It’s the only sound I’ve heard for days,

My mind amused by the tricks it plays.


Drip! Drop!, there goes the blood,

From my heart you’ve truly broken.

My feelings gone, it’s damned to hell,

Where words were not yet spoken.


Crickle! Crackle!, goes the flames,

Where our bridges have been burned down.

I tried to hear and tried to talk,

But you wouldn’t speak or listen.


Plip! Plop!, into the puddle,

May my heart be its supply.

I tried to fight, to see the light,

And darkness was your only plight.


I love you my dear, you’ll never know how it’s so,

But I’m all out of blood to give so now I have to go.

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