The Sun can't reach her
She's covered in mud and planted in a hole that her tears water
Salt from the earth runs deep through her veins
And her dark skin reflects like jewels in a cave
She lies under men, the weight of their lust pressing her deeper into the grave she's dug for herself, the only needs being met were the empty promises she kept hidden under forages and rocks and rabbit nests and cobwebs
To see the Sun rays was her dream but now she is a flower seed that cannot bloom because her depth is too shallow, her water is never enough, if she tries to bloom through her desperation he plucks her up and with one hand drags her behind him like a child with a toy they never leave behind
Rag doll wild she scrapes behind on sharp rocks and concrete words, rough pavement and she never sees the son just a groping hand taking everything she could've been worth
When she's tossed its shallow where she lands, no water to soften the earth where she stands and only clouds and weeds and a disfigured face in unfortunate hands
Like a seed that wasn't planted right and drenched over and over she rots from the inside in a hole no one planted and The Son can't reach her
The Sun can't reach her
He can't reach

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