This is Me


You made me
Then you left
You fought for me
But soon it became to much
And you gave up
You took a break
One that was often ridiculed
Exspecially by me now
You didn't want me then
Why do you want me now?
You forfeited the game
Now its like your calling for a rematch
Was the first round not good enough
I don't know you
Yet you've hurt me
More that anyone I know
Are you proud?
Do you look at a star
And wish you could go back
And rearrange your fate
Or are you glad
Of the past you have
I have learned to forgive
But never to forget
I learn to give and take
But I know my limit
Unlike most
In my mind your words replay
You said it was an ugly mistake
You said it wasn't your choice
That'd you'd wish it any other way
But which part do you want to change?
That's my only question
Question my wisdom
Question my words
Just don't question my poem
Its the only thing I have
That isn't split in half
Question my logic
Question my thoughts
But don't Question my Poem
Its the only thing I have
That's really mine
Read this and think
Are you really ready?
And I will say one last thing
Who's to say where the wind will blow
I do not know


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