who am I

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As I lay Full of dismay I drift far away I hear my thoughts say The dark was more enticing Than the day
Gimmicks.   Gimmicks give me kicks like treats and tricks.   Gimmicks give me name a face and  me butt a place.   Gimmicks give me eyes looks
  Nobody is perfect. I’m Nobody. Perfect. contradiction leaves me hurting. Beneath the surface, my purpose is complex, that's for certain. I'm struggling with the weight of this burden.
Looking into A writers mind You may phew On what you find Look in, Carefully Surprisingly Lurking Emerging A Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor,
I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't know where I'm at. I don't know where I'm heading, And I don't know who I am. The earth beneath me is spinning;  I am here and now I'm not. 
In the shadows once again Not knowing if I am My heart has felt My heart has wept Conditioning myself Without regret
what's left to say in those whispering tones? got gasoline in my brain  and ink on my bones. what's left to recall me; but the walls of my cell? they say it will heal. but i think that was hell.
I've tried so hard but I can't do anything. I feel stuck in a place I don't want to be. I drink to lose the pain,  and I get high to feel free. I'm a lesbian, yet no one understands
Dear God I am so afraid I am so afraid of being wrong Not saying 2+2=3 But of being so damn wrong in who I am So damn wrong in my choices
Funeral in my brain . Death of an old friend-who perceived the sensory information illustrated to be rather norm.Rather norm than odd & unique as today.
To you I am nothing more than what you see, what you hear, what you read.  I am nothing more to the world than the traces that I leave, in my words, in my art, in my legacy.  
A year is a lifetimeA lifetime of momentsOf minutes
Trying to find who I am Has never been more difficult; With depression and anxiety, Sexuality and gender How will I ever figure it out?
Who am I? I'm a person with responsibilities.A person who makes the good choices.A person who is different.A person who doesn't care about the negativity.A person who is empathetic. Who am I?I'm a person who would make a difference in this world.A
The pen is my sword , and the paper my charioteer . Alphabets form my shield , and Imagination my armour .
There's a battle out there- this world's got a scheme To take the 'you' and replace it with 'me' That's what they call the Hollywood machine- It just starts with one flaw may never have seen
Who I am Am I my long Spanish name? Or am I the tongues of those who cannot pronounce it? [Can't I just call you Maria?] Am I my full, curvaceous, petite body frame?
When I was a newborn, it was Mommy. When I was six, it was to be "a big girl." When I was fifteen, it was freedom. Now -   I thought I knew who I was. I thought I knew what I wanted.  
what am i who am i someone please tell me what to do but don't tell me too much i don't want to be like you i listen too much think too much am quiet too much i can't even write a poem right
Surrounded all around are things of all kind things I cant function without but things that i dont need my need is what I have to find when i ask finally what is it I need and want at once to live my eternity  
Who… who am IMany ways to answer that,I’m extremely shy But definitely not a brat. 
I am coasting.I don't touch down on the mortal Earthwhere everyone else is.Sometimes I feel nothing,and other times,I am drowning.I don't know what to feel,Each emotion teases me,
Make yourself up No one knows who you really are except you, so no one can say you're lying. Except you.
I am the slitting words I am the broken plate I am the bitter sweet  I am thorned estate  I am the forceful fire I am the roaring sea I am the lasting liar I am the only me
I am a dark Black and a blinding White,
To those who judge me before they know me Call me immature because of my age Label me a lesbian because I have short hair
who am I  am I the one who is who is loving or am I being loved am I the one who is being tossed around or am I the one who is tossing around am I the one who is stepping on people's feet or am I being stepped on 
I  n a healthy envrioment, A nd a loving family,  M ade me who I am, D o the right things even when no one is looking, Y ielding to the wrong thing's, L istening to my elders for advice,
You ask me, If [I] were a word in the dictionary and someone flipped to [my] page, what would they find there? Essentially, what makes [me]…[me]? How did [I] become the person [I am] today?  
I am a product, a creation. I am made by love, by hate, by accident... Raised by their ideals Shaped to their perfections Taught, molded, given my instructions.
Who am I? Well that's a loaded question that quite frankly begs a strict confession. I don't know and who does, I mean isn't that a journey that ends when you ascend up above?
I am not whole Not yet Not ever I am pieces of a girl stitched with shaking hands and bloody fingers Bruised all over In a heart as cold as silver where is my plan
I am lost in my own dimension Fighting to regain control of, My life, My thoughts, My happiness.   I am the girl in the back Drawing on my notes,
I am who I could not have imagined I would beFrom mama's early blue eyed baby boyto her lanky nineteen year old spawnI am still growing into who I am aim to be
I'm more than you think So be careful around me Sometimes I'm a princess and other  times a monster You'll never know which one I'll be   I have a lot of siblings 4 sister and 2 brothers
In Sixth Grade we wrote an "I..." poem, and this was it "I am not to be messed with I wonder what will happen next I hear people talking
Who am I I am that math geek in class
Who am I I am me and she is she I am my sista girl’s best friend Down with her to the bitter endI love her no matter what and pass no judgment 
Who am I Behind the Mask Do I live, or do I die? In front of the past.   Will it last?  I create myself Every morning, before breakfast In the mirror, Find myself in the shower,
Without a filter
Who am I? Who could I be?
Who am I? This is a simple three word question that can bring a million answers. I am a statistic. I am a number to keep up a reputation for my school and to be counted as an American citizen.
Who am I? I am not my facebook page I am not the number of likes on my Instagram post I am no the numbe of retweets on Twitter I am me. I am loving, caring, and kind I am friendly, funny, and quiet
     Who Am I??
I am he who seeks but young am I who seeks, Born of two who do not seek each other, More of my mom or dad, This I do not yet know, Now I must find my place Away from those who have made me me.
I am Ombré
A picture tells a thousands words,  but can you read the emotions behind each smile? Can you hear the hardships that their eyes express? My wide bright eyes that seem to shine like the sun turn to dark clouds of gray.
Who is the girl b
Am I blue, Am I grey, Am I white, or am I me, who says no, who says yes, what power I say, can they possess, to tell me don't, to tell me leave, to say I can't, or that I won't, If I listen, If I crawl, I wont be flawless at all, so I stand, and
"I" is edgy, "I" is hot. "I" is exciting, "I" is loud. "I" is daring, "I" is spontaneous. I am not "I". I am a completely different me. I am easily entertained. I am self-conscious. I am quiet. I am nervous.
Who am I today? Thoughtful, Smart, Unstopable Bubbly, Happy, Kind Irritated, Angry, Rude Who am I today? Am I a force of nature? Am I quiet? Am I talkative? Who am I today?
Am I just my father's daughter? Can't I be something more? I see how his life affects those Constantly around him I don't want to be my father's daughter   Am I just my father's daughter?
Am I only the shy girl who sits in the corner named Niki? Am I just another girl in the hall way to you? Did you even take the time to get to know me?
Jumbled nerves tangled thoughts calculation, manipulation tugging cuff take a seat breath out count to ten watch their faces blankly staring   avoid the labels attained
I look at the mirror and I don't know who I am or who I'm going to be.
Who am I you may ask?  Look no further than my exquisite past. I am the girl with the beautiful, bouncy, blonde hair. I am the beauty without a care.   You want more from me?
Underneath it all, All the lies and facades, I feel so estranged,
Who am I? A young black man looking for a chance at life Who am I? Raw ambition and pure intuition helps me advance in life Who am I?
Who is the girl behind the camera you might inquire I am not even so sure myself as to who I am  I might be someone else,  or something else,
Behind the smile I am a needy person. Wanting, waiting, impatiently wanting someone's attention. I need someone to be there to comfort me whenever. I need someone to listen to my rants.
Who am I? A question that I wish I had a simple answer to.
Who am I? a girl just trying to survive working, hoping, trying to be the best I can be sometimes I may fall yet somehow I always rise again my ambitions set me apart from others I know who I want to be
        Tiara hill
The man behind the curtains The face behind the veil Hides one thats so uncertain The wall that many fail to scale   Why is he so guarded? they ask Who is he down in there?
Who am I? I am strong I am wise I am smart I am brave I am a leader I am independent. But behind all these qualities... I am shy I don't speak up for myself
    I am other, I am different, I do not belong...  
Who Am I... I am hopes and dreams The visions of things That people wish to see But may never be Because everyone wants, but no one tries And with no effort, all hope dies
Masks have always scared me. I was never a fan of them,  I hated the Halloween aisle at the grocery store, I didn't want to try them on. They looked too real,  so I didn't want to touch them.
Who do I want to be?  A very complicated question. First, I suppose,I want to be a girl that's not lost in her own sea One that isn't conflicted with self repression I want to be one filled with laughter 
Who am I you may ask. I am a shadow I bend into everything
Who am I, Really? I know I am a Woman but what make me who I am this very moment? Who am I, really? I have a past that's darker than I ever imagined. Who am I, Really?
How Can I write about Who is hiding behind the curtain?
I would like to be alone
Who Am I?
mvp verse:   what would you do   if you were to find out    that i rewrote history   
I listen to my mother
Carry the One. carry,.. drag.. discard! -futile. GRIPPING my face, Clawing me back..                         My affliction.    my burden. MY BURDEN. carry, drag.   Lost within my own
It’s more than just what defines us as human beings. It’s more than our genetic makeup of our twisted DNA. So how do I know I’m alive?
Who am I, I am the girl that everyone knows but don’t know I am shy at times but can be loud I’m reserve but outgoing I’m that chubby little girl that transformed into a beautiful young lady
Please listen to me as I speak, I speak truth, I speak wisdom to you, hear me now as I say you are more  to God than anyone today. Look up in the night sky, do you see those stars? God loves you more than each
I was once an infant learning to be a toddler, I became a toddler being forced into being a girl, I became a girl pricy with my candy curls, My little candy curls got longer and turned into pony tails,
I wake up in the morning, looking like I had a rough night tears on my cheeks from me crying myself to sleep. I look in the mirror who am I.
To be is not who I want to be It is instead expected of me to be Is not what I want to be? For I want to be what I cannot be Without the disappointment of what is expected of me For I have to be what is not me
I look in the mirror I hate what I see The person I’m looking at Can surely not be me? When did I become this? I’ve lost track of time My lips are painted red Those eyes can’t be mine
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