Convoluted END, my demise

Carry the One. carry,.. drag.. discard!

-futile. GRIPPING my face, Clawing me back..

                        My affliction.

   my burden. MY BURDEN. carry, drag.


Lost within my own

drowning, Chained,

             SIR, wheres the exit??


spread the word. and nothing else.

ZIPPED. BURNED.... expressionlesssss

the Soul's flesh corroding....

Who AM i?


the ENtrance inTO silenceee...

they reach out. I see.. I hear...

I am past the point of RETURN.

i                am                 defeated.


they send love?!? WHY!

---give that love to the living.


i search WITHIN myself

SCRutinize this hollow             vacated             shell


i search. there it is...

Emanate. ADULTERATING my     existence.


i am empty.




are you?



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