Who Am I ?

The pen is my sword ,
and the paper my charioteer .
Alphabets form my shield ,
and Imagination my armour .

My mind and heart have four children :
The short story is the youngest ; full of wonder ,
The poem comes next ; with beauty of the heaven ,
The article is the third ; brimming with splendour ,
The quote comes fourth ; with the wisdom of a raven .

My body is the home
Of this happy family .
And in me together they have sown ,
the seeds of literary agility .

I bring joy to people ,
I act as their voice .
I mirror their pain , their every feel ,
I choose from the platter of immense choice .

I may not be like the singer ,
serenading with every note ,
I may not be like the dancer ,
mesmerising others with the work of their foot .

But I am equally talented .
I can create wonders .
While reality has many minds cemented, 
I gallop into wild adventures .

I create people on the way ,
I nourish their new born soul .
I can control what they say ,
Be it a superhero or a garden troll .

I am the rainbow in the reader's life .
and the backbone of the publisher's desk .

I light the candle of new beginning, 
and open the door of entertainment .

I am the keeper of words .
I am a Writer  .
This who I am .

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