I Am Who I Am

To you I am nothing more than what you see,

what you hear,

what you read. 

I am nothing more to the world

than the traces that I leave,

in my words,

in my art,

in my legacy.


But who am I to myself?

Am I what I really see

or am I more than I can understand?

Is what I wish to be what I can be,

or what others wish of me?

I have some understing of myself

my very own view of the world,

my own understandings,

my own emotions,

my desires.

I am my perception of the metaphysical,

my beliefs in life and death,

my beliefs in right and wrong,

my beliefsin justice,

my beliefs in song.

I am myself because I know what I can be

Because what I am

Because I know who I was

though I can not understand it all.

I am what I left behind,

I am what I will create,

I am what will come to be .


The world will never understand who I am

who I can be.

You do not see what I see.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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