I am them

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 15:21 -- tbarell

I am a product,

a creation.

I am made by love, by hate, by accident...

Raised by their ideals

Shaped to their perfections

Taught, molded, given my instructions.

They showed me what their perfect person was

They showed me who to be

I took peices from each making something new

I am a product of two,

I am them.


I am a creation,

Created to grow, to change.

I thought, I felt, I found my own way.

Their ideals were not perfect

I was not perfect

I broke the molding, ran, fought.

Searching for my own mind.

Trying to find my own place.

My own mind,

I am me.


Who am I?

Past, present, future...

Distance grew between me and them.

I was not perfect,

They were not perfect.

I took peices from each of them

Still trying to find my own place

They grew and learned, as did I.

I showed them who I was,

They showed me I was perfect.

I am a product,

I am me,

I am them.


This poem is about: 
My family


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