who am i featuring s.j. hernandez


mvp verse:
what would you do
if you were to find out 
that i rewrote history 
by not being a statistic that made it to the 3rd page of a newpaper
not fulfilling society's stereotype of a hispanic man
by the way, there is no such thing as hispanics
we are call latinos and latinas
hispanics is a word that's extraneous like the rankings in the caste system
where we are placed on the bottom of the pits
our rise above hate and racism gives society all types of fits
i'm sorry
i didn't live up to the expectation
of selling rocks on the corner
smoking weed sounding philosophically idiotic
drinking liquor on the corner
shooting up in the air
my future is built on dreams
regardless of the stacks being high
there is no such thing as getting by
everything i get, i earned because it's rightfully mine
who am i?
Because If You Look At Me,
The Only Thing You'd See
is a man from the bronx
in a city that never sleeps
Pursuing And Chasing His Dream.
and more so, be the absolute best
better than anybody
s.j. hernandez's verse:
What I Do,
If You Were To Find Out,
It Could Possibly Kill You!
Only Started Out Afew Months Ago,
But Now I'm Sitting Back Watching My Cash Flow.
People Screaming My Name,
One Day I Hope Acquire That Type Of Fame.
Right Now, You Better Know Me,
Cause One Day My Time Will Come,
Small Town Texas Kid Making Songs That Make You Go Numb.
Proud To Be From The Lone Star State,
May God Bless Texas As I Make My Way 
To The Top, Every Label Knows My Face.
Super Collider Call Me That,
Call Me Underdog Thats A Fact.
But I Don't Claim It All,
It Was God Who Blessed Me When I made My Fall.
Now I Rose Up, On My Way Back Trying To Tighten My Grip,
Although I May Slip.
Me And My Mind Left Up In A Cloud,
I Hope I Make MGK Proud.
He Writes So Clean, His Raps Are Dope,
It Was Him That Gave Me Hope.
And To All The People Who Doubted Me,
I Saw Y'all At The Show Shouting My Name,
Helping Me Increase My Gain.
With Gain There Is Pain,
So Don't Think I Didn't Have It Easy.
One Point I Cuts Running To My Veins 
Up And Down My Arms.
Lost The Only Girl That Actually Means Something To Me,
And The One Thing I Want Is To Have Her Here With Me 
Remeber When We Used Walk Around That Pond We'd 
Sit And Talk For Hours Underneath That Big Tree?
She's My Best Friend The Only One I Said I'd 
Be Happy With Til The End.
What I Am? More Like Who I Am.
Because If You Look At Me,
The Only Thing You'd See
Is A Small Town Texas Kid, 
Pursuing And Chasing His Dream.


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S.J. Hernandez

Once Again, Another Well Written Poem

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

yes it is

thank you for collaboration brother



The Underdog and you have some mad writing skills. Hey, Underdog I'm from Texas too. I like how y'all let everyone know where y'all came from and where y'all are going. Keep writing on you two.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you

another well writtne piece and effort from myself and underdog

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