what makes me, me?


Who is the girl behind the camera you might inquire

I am not even so sure myself as to who I am 

I might be someone else, 

or something else,

Learning who you are as a person is almost near impossible. 

Maybe I am that lady in the hospital struggling to keep her health, 

or maybe I am that little boy who everybody finds so charming. 

For the longest of years I have lived I have searched for this person who claims they are me; 

everything is confusing to say the least. 

I go through life wondering what makes me ecstatic?

What makes me peeved?

what is my purpose for being here?

Where can I find this purpose?

Finding who I am is a journey that takes months maybe even years to accomplish. 

I want to be a genius and a glorious poet 

I don’t like being an average brainiac or an amateur poet 

I want to be able to speak for my voice is clouded with cotton instead I stay in the shadows quiet and curtained, 

many times out of the day I find my self daydreaming of a better me; someone who knows who they are, and what they want 

sometimes I feel alone in this world 

I feel left to ponder over who this girl is. 

When i bounce back to reality it’s until then i realize i have to live as me: 

the young female who has been in the pit of despair one to many times, but also the young girl who has the endurance to build that ladder to find herself


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