The Man Behind the Curtains

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 03:37 -- Dayvuni


The man behind the curtains

The face behind the veil

Hides one thats so uncertain

The wall that many fail to scale


Why is he so guarded? they ask

Who is he down in there?

The man behind the mask

Behind that icy stare


He puts up such a front

No once can see the cracks

Now I don't mean to be blunt

But these are the facts


His smile is plastered

His tone is not his own

Deception he has mastered

A fraud to the core he seems so alone


He lives out of fear

The world is out to get him

It all seems so clear

Why his face is so grim


The world is full of suffering

The worldis full of pain

To himself he simply clings

Ruler of his own domain


He rules his curtains

Blazes his own trail

Though I now know why, I am still uncertain

Who is, this man behind the curtain



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