I'm more than you think

I'm more than you think

So be careful around me

Sometimes I'm a princess

and other  times a monster

You'll never know which one I'll be


I have a lot of siblings

4 sister and 2 brothers

They know my ins and outs

But they can't even tell 

Will I be a monster or Princess?


Monsters are mean vicious creatures

No one likes to be them

When I am a Monster

I hate everything about me

I can't even predict myself


Princesses are beautiful kind people

Everyone loves them

When I'm a princess I have tons of friends

We all have tons of fun

But even princesses can become monsters


There is more to me than the eye can see

Sometimes I'm a princess

And sometimes I'm a monster

You better be careful around me

'Cause you'll never know which I will be

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