The Real Me.

Who am I? Who could I be?

many have pondered these questions,

hoping the answer would set them free.


Me, myself, I'm a reflection of many things

Things that I hold dearly to me,

Like my faith, my family, friends, but with my own self-esteem


Sacrifice and commitment,

always taught by my parents,

just two mere lessons,

of the many that I inherit.


Easy-going is one way to describe me,

also loyal and driven.

But what truly describes a man's character?

It's what he has given.


I spend time in my sports and studies, 

but it's not for my glory,

It's all for Him

I long to give it back to those who adore me


Three words that describe me:

Faith, Family, and Sports,

And three things I'm always wearing,

Nike socks, t-shirts and basketball shorts


I hope to see others for who they truly are,

without the filters, make-up, and covers,

because the truth is more appealing.

This is my summary, my natural truth,

this is who I am, this is the real me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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