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I wake up in the morning, looking like I had a rough night tears on my cheeks from me crying myself to sleep.

I look in the mirror who am I.

I keep everything to myself I’m trying to be a loner, but for some reason people just seem to love me it’s too late to be a loner now.

I wipe my eyes these tears are not sad tears there meaning less tears of hope.

I always worry that I will fail in life, I keep that to myself.

Why am I so mean to people and nice to some; it’s because I’ve been hurt in my heart, so I have to be mean and nice

I’m like to different people but one person.

My nickname should be run away love because when a guy tries to talk me.

I turn my back and run away as fast as I can I just can’t let a guy distract me in life.

I’m not that smart girl everyone sees I’m just someone who try’s harder every single day.

I’m shy at first because I don’t want to be judged; then I’m outgoing because I don’t care what people think of me.

I look back up in the mirror and pray to God that my family will be fine without me when I do go off to college.

My heart is empty I cry everyday on the inside, I see my brother on the streets doing bad things, while my mom struggles, and my dad tries hard every day.

I close my eyes and leave the mirror I’m alone in a crowded world.

I see the person I want to become and the person I am now.

I looked in the mirror and saw innocence but what do you see when you look at me only the Lord knows.

This poem is about: 
My family



I always write what I feel and emotions play a big role in my poems and the truth.


I write with a passion my emotions and truth are in all my poems.

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