Who Am I?


        Tiara hill



Who Am I?

Who am I? No, really who am I? This question is hard for me to answer, because I don’t know. I like to think of it as a soul within a soul. My personality seems to be bared underneath the person I try to be instead of being the actual me. I think the thought of having a good first impression gets the best of me. I’m not that person; I am me, Tiara Darcell Hill, a twin, and the only girl of four children. I hide the true me, my inner me tries to speak but my outer me is ashamed. Simple, because no one might accept the real me, or can it be I have two personalities. The person that I am has a strong voice and stands tall. The person that I am is out going and encourages others, even the ones who looked down on me. But the person that is not me simply can’t speak her voice and is powerless; she is over powered by fright, and blind to the facts of what fun actually is. She has enclosed me with a powerful shield, and over the years like global warming it’s beginning to peal. Can It mean the real me is so close to being free? Sometimes I wonder if the real me was the person I always dream to be, a person with a powerful voice , and a person who could look into the eyes of others and say four simple words that changes their whole life: “Be the true you” the words that are so simple but so hard for not only me but others as well to apply to themselves. The days continue to pass and just like the birds I will be me, the person I dream to be happy and free. That person will be me, that is the person I was born to be. Not the girl who tried to take over me. 


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