Who Am I

Who am I, I am the girl that everyone knows but don’t know

I am shy at times but can be loud

I’m reserve but outgoing

I’m that chubby little girl that transformed into a beautiful young lady

The girl you see but don’t notice

Her smile brightens up each day, for days without her smile are the darkest


I am kindhearted but not so friendly

I like receiving but often giving

I am 15 years old stand at 5’2

I roam the halls of Lorenzo Walker Technical High School,

I know I am more than just a pretty face in the crowd,

Finding out who I am through Christ is my priority,

Who am I is a question often asked but never completely answered,

Who am I,

Am I who they say I am?


One thing for sure is the cover of this book is named Megan,

Who am I you ask,

Well I’m defiantly not who they say I am,

I am more than what they say I am,

I am a young lady of courage and so much compassion and understanding,

I am a wonderful person inside and out,

I Act like a Lady,

Think like a Man and Work like a Boss,


I am a child of God and soon to be a Proverbs 31 Women,

I am and will be the best that I can be,

I know who I am and don’t need nobody telling me who I am.


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