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They call me "her" They call me "HARMM" They call me hurtful things THAT'S NoT OKAY Can I cry in your arms?
I dress the way I dress, I talk the way I talk I walk the way I walk, I do my hair the way I do Don't categorize me because of my looks My personality is who I am Get to know why I look the way I do
I am who I say I am, but who do I say I am? Am I a success, or am I a failure? I am a success, because I know who I am.   I am an athlete, a devoted, hard working athlete.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. The sugar is sweet. Just like you. Now, The roses are wilted, the violets are too. The sugar is gone, and so are you. So,
There comes a day where my life is happy There comes a day where my life is sadness There comes a day where my life is love There comes a day where my life is frustrating and confusing
I Am, just two simple words. These words carry the weight of the person who is me. I am someone who makes mistakes.  I am never perfect. I am never going to do right by everyone.
Not one day I have one normal one Fear of being myself is a stressful one Darkness can be light If you have no sense of being bright Tough times in the suburbs Fun days of being suburban
I am a young black women a kind hearted person strong person confident with what i do someone who will be something in life a young lady who's been broken but manged to stay focused
Who am I? You'd like to know. I am a contradiction. I like to be by myself, I hate to be alone. I am happy, I am sad. I am loved, I am hated. I am intelligent. Who am I?
All day The filter is up Every day "What if I'm not perfect enough?" My makeup must be 'on point' That perfect angle must be found Fake smiles are my filter
Without a filter... You’ll find a girl who can be insecure about herself and the way others view her; You’ll probably see her hanging out with her friends though; She’s often timid around unfamiliar faces,
In the mirror, I stare at my opposite twin who stares back at me. She is beautiful, yet worn; she is mysterious, yet ordinary. And there is no way of talking to her
I saved you a box of towelettes, in case it was hard for you to see the REAL ME.
1. Wear you skin like armor. The glow of your forefathers shines brighter than any bleach-drenched word that tries to erase the “La Illaha Illallah” from your DNA.
Dull and slightly blurry, due to a normal quality camera;
Click, click, and click The moment has been captured in time forever My face, my body All for the world to see What’s behind the exterior they do not know
Inside out, right side in, Don't let the outside win. Take off the mask; leave out the filter. Your flaws are unique, as if made by a quilter. Birthmarks, acne, and scars; all make us who we are.
The river crossed the dirt stream Water filled the veins of the soul It took a deep breath A baby taking its first gasp.
Forget Sepia. Forget Valencia. Who I am is genuine and authentic. That’s what the world should notice; Alyx; diligent, striving, loving, artistic, bold, compassionate.
I am me, The only version there is to see. Filters included, false perception,
I am numb. Just barely awake, but awake enough to go through the motions.Desperately in search for someone to see past color and see the real beauty within. I am anger,
Who am I who are you ? I'm just a girl in a big city with a voice bigger than my image someone who loves to speak someone one day everybody is going to want to meet and greet but who am I
There are momentsThey shimmer in the lights of my eyesWhere I see myselfI see a futureI see successI see happinessBut the moment passesI don't know whyI can't breath in the future
As i look in the mirror i see potential, A girl with courage, stability and grace,
No filter needed, I will always be me I am who, I am  It's who I'm meant to be No makeup, no fancy style to my hair Natural beauty is the one for which I care I am short tempered, I am my mommas child
I was taught that I should chase after who I please  But what if who I please does not desire me? Growing up in a town of a city, blonde hair with blue eyes was what was considered pretty
You wake-up, FLAWLESS False. "You are everything,but flawless" "You are worthless" "You are purposeless" "You are powerless" "You my friend are nothing more, but less." FALSE
To Say im different than you would be a misconception Im the same as you niggas.... Plus a few exceptions I dont give a fuck about your life or ideologies Dont write for you! nor anybody
Babe Dear Hun Love These are the names  Of the ones That I love   Stupid Sick Ugly Jerk These are the names I've been called All my life
My buck teeth are beautifulThey make me look like a bunnyMy one hidden dimple is gorgeousIt pops out when something's funnyMy pale skin radiantLike ivory pearlsMy strong assertive voice
Self love   
Time after time people are labeled as things Words of hurt, words that crash dreams Because of how we look, not for what we be But ignoring them all makes me a happier me
Black is the color that describe my past  And the color of who I am  But what black is not  Is also who I am  Bright, with a mind that think right  With different shades that show my true might  
Mom and Dad you can't write my script, this y'all will never understand. I am my owm person,I do what I want, not meetings yours or anyone else's demands.
Flawless Is that a thing? When I look down I see a disproportioned girl When I look in the mirror I see an unsatisfied girl When I look into my eyes, I see an empty, sad, and lonely girl.  
The walls are not as strong as they appear,  Flawed with cracks and thin as paper.  Exuding strength, they ward off anyone who is near. What looks like stone is only vapor. The smile that shines is genuine,
Was it worth it to look at me.. and then walk away. Was it worth the smile,  the enegry you put into charming me.    You taught me to care, to believe in myself.    But you lied. 
  Who am I ? I am too many people at once  a lover, a  optemistmt, a naturalist , a lover of literature  a hater, a pessemist, a materalist and a poetic  amateur 
I am wild. I am spectacular. I am wildly passionate. I am jealous. I am human. I do dumb things.
Can you not see who I am? Hatred bound to a soul constantly witnessing discrimination of WHO I AM, Ringing in my ears, “You’re black, act like it!” “You’re female, act like it!” “You can’t break the mold.”
I open my mouth. " I think-" I'm interrupted. I try again.  " Oh well, in my opinion-" Again, I'm cut off. I wish i could say this seldom happens. But I'll spare you my lies.
A mixture of work and play keeps me
What will I be? So much to choose, hard to know... Who will I be then?
A lot of monsters roll my way;It’s really hard to make them go away.
I am Steffen,
I'd change my face The large pores, the dimpled chin Sharpen the roundness, put teeth in a brace
I should resent you for the drunk words you spit at me, during many of my slumbers. I should hate you for making me raise mself, because that's hardly the way it should be.
They always told me to be true to myself, but who am I?
You look at me And what do you see, Some ‘confidence’ and ‘empathy’, So you waltz right up expecting me To be your loving Savior.
Love and pain. Loss and gain. New paths to take. Old friends again. Mother and father to hold your hand. An ex-best friend to take your man. A heart to break and a heart to have.
I am from a Melting Pot, An array of culture and traditions Hardwired into me since I took my first breath. I am from a state Of "yes, ma'am", sweet tea, and "y'all" In a country as mixed as I am,
  He is slow moving smog poisoning everyone around him constricts their breathing A willow canvasing the ground below creating a barren desert beneath its branches blocking all sunlight in its path
Somebody once handed me a flyer. It read  “YOU EXIST”   The aftertaste of such an idea lasted long beyond the introduction   Existence. A vibrating silhouette of an idea
I am young, I am beautiful, I am wild and free. But it seems the hardest thing to do is simply be me. People laugh and stare I wonder what at. Could it be because I have a little more fat.
Again, the mirror on the wall torments me. “You are wrong. You have no reason to live. Leave and go away!”
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