You look at me
And what do you see,
Some ‘confidence’ and ‘empathy’,
So you waltz right up expecting me
To be your loving Savior.

You look at me
And within my eyes,
See a heart ‘strong’ and ‘Divine’,
How kindred you want to be with mine
So I can be your loving Savior.

You look at me
And with careless words,
Speak of my strength in hollow slurs,
“You are so kind to care for
Me and to be my loving Savior”.

I look at you
And what do I find?
Insanity behind those clouded eyes,
That thinks it can justify
Making me its loving Savior.

If you look at me
Gaze further down,
You should see behind my Thorny Crown,
A void that is screaming out
That I am not your loving Savior!

Don’t turn away!
Look down again!
Am I not you only friend?
Don’t you need me till the end
To be your loving Savior?

I guess now your
Scared since you can see,
I am just little mortal me,
Who refuses to ever be,
Your ever loving Savior.


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