I am #NoFilter


The right amount of lighting,

the right positioning,

the more I show,

or should it be less?

The contest us people create with likes and comments, for what?

For our fake selves? I guess I am popular because I got 500 likes in a picture that took me 7 effects to become, Perfect.

But what came with perfection. Now I am expected to be filtered. One picture

            I put that is not what is expected can end me, someone who is not perfect.

What am I?

   Well I’ll tell you this. I am not the plastic smiling in this picture.

I am not cloned to societys written word of fake happiness, fake joy, fake smile.

I am #NoFilter. I am one more person standing for a change in society. I am one more person revealing to you that I am okay with not being, Perfect.

I am what you do not expect.

     I’m screaming to the world I am me and I am far from Perfect.

I am striving for the best

I am making my voice heard.

Society will not bring me down

Surprisingly I like being #NoFiltered


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