I Am Me


Why do I want likes on Facebook and Instagram?  
I gave it the power to let it define me. 
What is a like?  A click of a button?  
It really takes no effort to do it,  but why do I want this shit?  
I get sad when my photos or post don't get enough attention. 
For me having this attitude I should put my self in detention. 
Why do I think like this?  
I know it really doesn't matter, but then what's the matter?  
It's like I am living a life of a lie, why?  
I want people to like me, but I am doing it the wrong way. 
The internet is keeping my real self at bay.
I am not the perfect guy I put myself to be on the internet. 
I breakdown, I get mad, I laugh loudly, and sometimes I act like a clown. 
I let social media become me, and this is a fight to get ME back. 
I don't want it to have control of my life, so let me cut the stronghold. Where's my knife?  
I am Raheem Curry and I am human. 
I have problems as much as the next man. 
I am me and I strayed away from that and that's what is scary. 
Who else can I be if I am not myself?  
A counterfeit?  A fake?  I have to get myself together for my own sake. 
No more fake posts, no more painting a portrait that isn't me. 
I. Am. Me. And it's a great thing to be. 


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