I am the P.


Lemme tell you a little something about some set of letters.

A set of colors.


stand for all us





“scenesters” if those are still around






but i'm not tryna label anyone

so lets go back to this alphabet.


L. G. B. T. Q.




Where do I fit in?

P. That stands for me.

LGBTQ yet no P? But that P...well like i said, it stands for who i am. It stands for me.

P stands for Pansexual. Something I know well.

Love is Love.

Hearts not Parts.

A master of the “heart arts” not to toot my own horn.

Not loving by a man’s muscle. A girl’s waist. A man’s face or a ladies taste.

Not loving by a ladies hustle. A man’s cry. A ladies sigh or a man’s ability to tie a tie. because let’s be honest boys. That’s a pain.

Not caring about what they wear. Or how they do their hair. Or whether or not they care

about getting jacked.

Or toned.

Or ripped.

Or whatever it is you people like to do to keep your figure uptight and chipped.

Not caring about them looking like a man. Or them looking like a woman. Or them wanted to be called Jan when they were born an Ian.

Not looking at their outside and judging.

But looking on their inside.

Their heart.

Their center. Their core.

The thing most people fail to see.

The thing I want much much more.

Not whether or not they can lift 164. Impressive, but not my thing.

Pansexual by definition means: not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regard to gender or activity.

And what does this mean to you and me?

Well this is me.

I love women. I love men. I love women who dress like men. I love men who dress like women. I love women who are also men. And men who are also women. I love people who are neither. And people who are both.


In this “LGBTQWeallloveeachotherandaccept

community….” there is no P.

Because according to them.

I don’t exist.

Yet here I am.

Telling you my story.

Telling you who I am.

100 percent

all natural scent

Not a single bone bent

No artificial preservatives

No artificial dyes

no dye red 42

no dye blue 54

No dye yellow 78

No mambo no 5

Just me.

The P.

P for Pansexual.


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