My Flaws Are GORGEOUS.


My buck teeth are beautiful
They make me look like a bunny
My one hidden dimple is gorgeous
It pops out when something's funny

My pale skin radiant
Like ivory pearls
My strong assertive voice
Fit to rule the world

My height is quite classy
As I tower with long legs
My dark brown eyes indulgent
Like chocolate easter eggs

I was made this way 
And I am unique
I am beautiful
I will never be weak

I'm proud of my triumphs
The obstacles I've overcame
And I'm aware with each passing day
Not one will remain the same

People will still refute
Against my adoration
But I will just laugh
Because I'm the topic of conversation!

So I take my apperance and personality
And I present it with this case:
I find myself flawless
Because I view myself with grace

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