I Am Strong


Mom and Dad you can't write my script, this y'all will never understand. I am my owm person,I do what I want, not meetings yours or anyone else's demands.

I feel the weight, I feel the pressure, oh whatever will I do? I will do exactly what I want, and none of that concerns anyone, epsecially you.

I make decisions, I think long and  hard, these aren't split-second conclusions. The way your bodies and faces react any encouragement is certainly a delusion.

I change over time, but not in a bad way, views I once had are altering. You two make me feel like I'm digging my own hole, and that all support is faltering.Not all changes are bad I can reassure, if anything I'm only going on a slight detour.

I want to show the world what I can do, I want many to be proud. In doing so, I'll be heard, you bet I'll be loud.

I'm not quite sure yet what drives me, though it will only be a matter of time. I'll show everyone especially you Mom and Dad, I'll be successful, I'll be a dime.

Like a photographer capturing a moment, or a dancer learning a move, I will catch on, I'll find my groove, whether or not you all dissaprove.

I am flawless in my thinking, my ideas and dreams linking. I will arrive at the top, unable to be stopped. I have the power, I have the drive, I'll do whatever makes me happy to complete my life.

Yes, acceptance and encouragement is needed, but I would rather have none than it be fake and beaded. I accept myself and encourage myself too, I don'y need your "words of wisdon" or any part of you.

I know I am capable, I know what I can do, and neggative derrogative comments will be combated like the flu.

Stand against me or beside me, ultimately it's your choice. Which side you choose though decides if you truly heard my voice. I don't need you as you need me, I know I will survive.




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