Can you not see who I am?

Hatred bound to a soul constantly witnessing discrimination of WHO I AM,

Ringing in my ears, “You’re black, act like it!” “You’re female, act like it!” “You can’t break the mold.”

I scream at the hypocrisy. They tell you to be who you are and then condemn you for being you.

Stop! I’ll be who I want to be, do what I want to do, see what I want to see.

Taken from a battered childhood,

I grew to be who I want to be. I made myself who I am. I refused to be a statistic, a stereotype.

Not only am I me, I am uniquely CHRISITINE-biracial, female, intelligent, free thinking, even quirky.

Every day, I only grow to be me, not who THEY want ME to be. 


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