Interrupt me, I dare you.


I open my mouth.

" I think-"

I'm interrupted.

I try again. 

" Oh well, in my opinion-"

Again, I'm cut off.

I wish i could say this seldom happens.

But I'll spare you my lies.

Society tells girls from a young age that we are to be seen, not heard.

We shouldnt act 'vulgar', we shouldnt cuss.

We shouldnt make our opinions heard.

We are to be pretty and stay quiet.

Pardon my language but today I-

No, dont pardon my language!

Today I will scream 

"FUCK IT!" from the rooftops!

Ever man, woman, and child will hear!

I am not a fragile and vulnerable girl.

I will not shatter .

I am strong.

I will write what I want.

I will say what I want.

Screw it, I will even sing what I want. 

And if i have to.




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