Between two mirrors

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 13:37 -- jmarr13


Who am I ?

I am too many people at once 

a lover, a  optemistmt, a naturalist , a lover of literature 

a hater, a pessemist, a materalist and a poetic  amateur 

I'm self aware and oblivious at the same time

Often guilty and innocent of the same crime

I am the spitting image of what id like to be 

and even then I know thats not me

 I am standing between two mirrors and seeing my self go on for eternity, 

each reflection, although similar,  a different side of me 



Where have I been?

Ive blossomed through a dark low income, house floor 

and forced myseld through every  closed door

My past has fortifed and materialized my soul

as I continue to hike towards my goals


What do I beleive in?

Altruistically and intelectually living my  life

living through knowledge and not a knife


Where am I going?

Im in school, chasing another degree

to add another side of me 


Again, Who am I?

I can sit here and only write about the good qulaites

but I'm too may people at ocne and thats as honest as I can be 









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