This Is Me

Who am I?

You'd like to know.

I am a contradiction.

I like to be by myself, I hate to be alone.

I am happy, I am sad.

I am loved, I am hated.

I am intelligent.

Who am I?

I'm the girl in the back of the room

I'm the one who loves her life. I'm the one who hates her life.

I'm the one who is blessed and the one who has suffered strife.

I'm the girl who nearly took her life

I'm not good with people.

I love science.

I don't like inventing, but I love innovating.

I can fix and take apart.

I'm the girl with a fragile heart.

I'm the girl who's trapped in the closet.

I'm the girl who's getting her chance to finally be me.

This is me


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