Life As You Know It

She is an A B student who doesn’t hold her tongue

She is the girl who focuses on others more than herself.

She may curse here and there and

She even cried when little Rue died

She is sensitive and she also has some anger issues

She wants the world to live in peace even though she knows it’s far from happening

She is angered by insipid crimes and deaths of innocent people

She also lets the little things get to her

She doesn’t have many friends because they don’t like the way she rolls

but ...

People think she is stuck up because she carries herself in a high manner.

People think that she is a genius, even though she knows it took the help of others

People think because she is a virgin that she is afraid to live life..

Life As You Know It isn’t what it seems.

She is a normal teen who is a little naive

She is a teen who depends on her religion to get her through the day

She is a teen who just wants to be successful

She is Me and I am CICELEY

The girl who is efficient in school, isn’t stuck up

and doesn’t let anyone define who she is.  



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