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Loving Without Measure Power and Lovecombined.Words are smootherthan a lightly fallen feather.No more scattered storms.No more overbearing weather.He wraps me up in his shelter. After waiting so longfinding my protector.I am a great woman, butyou
My fiancee bought a tiny lavender plant Which I have started to water when she's not home to take care of it. That I give another living thing besides myself my attention takes me into the realm of love
तब बातें खत्म नहीं हुआ करती थी आज बातें शुरू करने के लिए भी बहाना ढूंढ ना पड़ रहा , तो तब भी मेरे करीब ना था, लेकिन फिर भी तो सबसे ज्यादा करीब था, तू आज भी तो मेरे करीब नहीं है पर क्यों आज तेरी यादें ही बस मेरे करीब है ।
I couldn't sleep right, I thought I was texting you all night. You seem to take advantage of my kindness. I never thought it would ever happen. You explain things as if you're always right.
The last time I did anything meaningful You and I were sitting on the edge of an isolated pond
I don’t know why I sit and wait for your attention or why my heart is so pure that I can’t actually admit how upset I get when I don’t talk to you. it sucks.
i read this somewherei have a thousand things to tell youand thousands reasons not tothat really hit home  
I look across The room, And feel the loss Of the love we once consumed. Your smile, As wide once before. I know its been a while I shouldve given you more.
Wake up, you're up Brushing your teeth, fixing the sheets Downstairs, upstairs Breakfast made, not running late   When I say your suit looks nice, I really want you to take it off.
It's like he doesn't wanna be with me anymore, he looks at me and doesn't see what he use to see anymore all day Fighting it's like we couldn't agree anymore .. I do anything to get answers and just to be with you more but
what a rush when you make me blush more than i crush you can stand by my side and you don't have to hide I feel alive thinking of you make's me at eaes too you make me who I'am
I love you in the morning, with soft sunlight peeking through the curtains casting over your sleepy face; eyes dazed, smile slanted,
My words are lost tonight. They are in your mouth, Because you always seem to win the arguments.
you are so full of life so full of color  that nothing i could say, will ever suffice  if i could take every memory of your brown eyes and all your heavy sighs,  i would pluck them like flowers
Mom: You used to always say to me you are gold. I never understood what you meant but being older now, I realized you would say these words when I forgot how precious I was 
I am not lessYou are not moreThough we may fussIt’s each other we’re for. When the moon risesI take you on adventures,You bring me surprisesThey all become treasures. You, me, we are forever,You say “I can count on you,”.You say when we’re togethe
They say I'm the strong one because when we hold hands I cradle yours softly. I'm the strong one because I defend you, because I check your wounds and bandage thick cuts from work. They call me a flame, wild and free and fierce.
Love is not building a relationship on a foundation of physical looks.  Love is having respect, trust, and empathy, whether it be romantic or brotherly love.
My body is cold. My fingers, frostbitten and blue. The hairs on my arms protrude upwards, bumps litter my sugary skin. I see each breath I take fogging the air and the window in front of me.
I can tell By looking at you This is love You like the Broncos I like the Colts You are outgoing I’m an introvert You have an Xbox I have a Wii But, still, we work perfectly
All the time and the effort I put into this relationship, Can you believe that this all started with a good friendship, The ability to take care of the other on top of all your other responsibilities,
As I sit there stroking the strands of lickorish silk from your head,   I think of our future, the things we would do, the things would see,  
Beginnings. The first page. The first wave. For later, it describes the first date. Emotions bonded within the first chapter. Feels like a happily ever after. Captured. By lust and compassion.
waltzing, with clarity, with passion the body moves how the voice knows not to speak with one’s feet paints a most vibrant picture of the soul   reach out, extend the arms a welcoming embrace
She knew that loving him would be disastrous, but she was already a disaster. She knew that by holding onto his hand meant that she could be left all alone, reaching out for a hand that was never meant to touch hers.
Another day , another night saw your eyes it was love at first sight, i need your love i need your time, cause when everything seems to be wrong you make it right, my lover, my life.  
Will you still love me When I am not capable to bear children? Will you still love me
We are not the same. 
We have different goals,
 different wants, different needs.
Black words on a white page
 distract me from thoughts of you,
 and smoke fills your lungs,
 like a daily medication, 
to avoid the hurt and anger.
When a blissful journey striked into flames Your love remained the same  From that dark night walking in shame ,  fear , & pain 
You are... You are my crazy, my sane, my strength, my weakness You are my law, my procalamtion, my truth, my forgiveness You are my ride or die, my #1 fan, my soldier, my ally
Is that how it's supposed to be  Sitting in quiet because we wore out the words before we spoke Ignoring the deafening silence that comes crashing around our ears
all i need is you, my dear. i need to feel the waves of your love. seeing you was like going to the beach, though i always said i wouldn't go in the water, i always did, and when i did, i'd never leave.
All I Need by Melia Candelaria Your lips, your eyes the way you smile at me when we brush fingertips in the store as we stroll through the aisles as though there is some secret that only I can understand.   The way your hair falls over your eyes i
Lips a lullaby, soft words a few Warm Caresses, every cell on end Tongue strums, O so sweet a melody Fingers searching, finding every crevice Dark eyes, look straight into the abyss of love
I’d lie if I said I think about you all the time, But when I do think of you it’s spontaneous. Touching my neck and imagining you kissing it,
What made her leave? Was it the broken bottles that collided with the broken bodies?   Was it the river that poured not only pain, but anger?   Or maybe it was the faceless child
Exhilaration. Heart rate speed up. Mind confused. Is it me? Is it you? Diletated pupils. Sex education didn't teach me this.   Arousal? Doesn't seem to hit it.
We sit together, holding worn and too real pages that smell of Egypt: cool and crisp against our fingertips.   We hum our individual orchestras left in the back of our minds when all we can think of is
She Her cheeks were flushed Her lips, a curve Her heart, how it rushed Better than I, she deserved I was gravel under her feet She was a rose in the park I was sand in the street
Wooden beams and wooden planks And salty sea scented air Drew our souls near the edge And then just held them there   The wind whipped our hair The cold bit our noses
Don’t you remember that day When I declared to you my love? And you smiled, as you cried of joy Thinking if God was witnessing from above   We promised each other eternal love
They said love hurts, but I didn’t think it would feel like this. A beautiful kind of hurt. That’s what I pictured.
having you as my soul mate i state is wonderful our my soul we mold our love being with you ake e build and feel my emotions and your my light that i like
I was glowing and I was beautiful, 
When he wraps his arms around me, I am in a sleeping bag on a mountain,  Peaceful and shielded from the breeze. When he tells me that he loves me,  I am listening to soft, beautiful music
All I what  I know...all I all i do....and All  i know I never meant to hurt you........every time I think I'm starting to get it right....i do something stupid..then we fight....but baby I want you to know that...I'm true so tru
My boyfriend. My older boyfriend. Just left for college... IN ALABAMA!
The first time I made you my hope, my soul cried, Loved one! And from there, I have not let you go, you're the reason for all my passions. With the love to the desired child, I’ve waited for you so patiently, waiting my whole life.
You were just lying down with me, but now you're miles away You tell me that you need me, and prove it to me every single day Love was a concept I thought I couldn't understand
Still thinking the things my lips can't say. You may not be flawless but it seems that way. The little things count the most, and I'll never let go of my hope.
we never got any sleep when we were together but it wasnt until you  walked away 
Silence   This isn’t how we should be. But we’ve decided that's how it will be.
You can fi
Who are you to judge who I love? Who I kiss and who I hug? Why are you judging who puts a smile on my face? Would you be happier if the one I loved was a different race?  
If only you were closer, then I'd see you every day If only I were a toaster, I'd heat your heart in a painful way If only distance wasn't a factor, then we could run and scream and play
mind is on hold heart is in fast forward words were once all that needed to be heard                  Now  The People Need A Proclamation.          A Declaration From You To The People.  
Love shouldn't hurt, shouldn't make you cry Love should be there when your tears need dried Love doesn't bruise or cause you pain Love should keep you from blame Love is romance, Love is fun
Hello I say, To the darkest part of my mind As I'm hidden away from the world. Consumed by depression And taken over by negative thoughts On how I could be better
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