Does he hate that he loves me ?

It's like he doesn't wanna be with me anymore, he looks at me and doesn't see what he use to see anymore all day Fighting it's like we couldn't agree anymore
.. I do anything to get answers and just to be with you more but
God forbid u to trust me why can't u just shut up & love me
&I'll agree with u more steady back and forth chasing each other day Fighting screaming and cussing
is it medoes he hate that he loves me ?.. I just want peace and a boat we can sail on the shore
forever far away just us at peace not at always at war .. if you ask me if I'm happy no words could agree with you more.. i fell in love while barely eating no table we ate from the floor
Woke up everyday didn't matter if it was 6am or 1.. lights off stressing on what to do this time. So much stress and I'm still so young . you looked at me almost damn near just blew my mind ..
.I hit rock bottom and u still saw I shined… everyday still on the grind .. if I lost you I would lose my mind!?!! Always wanting to go back in time felt like a nikel but u Brought out the dime didn't think it was time had to pause and rewind bad after
bad before I made u mine .. true love was near all along but we all live blind ..
life to precious to waste any time. Save every pretty penny Nickel or dim all worth more everyday u grind…
way better then bed bath and beyond I look at u and love stops the time…
my heart races faster then a track star after the gun.. bang bang there go the church bells ringing I want the whole world
To know when its time ..
your smile just something about u got me stuck in time always toldyself true love will come due in time insead of asking what did I do for him,, to break my heart and cross the line .. he walking away she screaming don't u ever come around me while hoping she gone see him one more time..
just shut up and drive she steady crying inside steady wondering why she always gotta get beat on that's why she crazy inside.. lazy sometime .. her heart broke when she fell in love and he walked out here life..
words wasn't nice.. money wasnt Right all she wanted was to be a wife steady chasing kites , not doing it right .. suicididal nights she tried her life was a mite .. second chances.. mistakes don't come twice.. I just want u in my life.. so be with me forever and make me ya wife family chidren running around laughing roasting s'mores over the fire.. we not living lies asking each other why??
So old we love each other and living oh so normal nights .. I hurt u but u hurt me to and we steady living our days wondering what to do .
. who can I excuse man every ex of mine was a fool .. when I opened my ehes and seen love in disguise there could be a million and id choose u.. you can't look me n my face without wondering what she do? Always feeling accused.. when I already feel used . Your the one I call on everyday good and bad yur issues became my issues to .. I'f it's true love how did I fall in love wit u .. ask yourself every morning as u wake up to 1 that 1 that thinks your incredible..
I cried over mistakes felt like I was losing u .. we all sin I believe there's good gentlemen I chose to love u everyday I started using again. I could be n a house .. better car.. I make mistakes and mistakes gets u to where u are. We all learn to forgive our dreams only come so far…
then trust gone .. and u crying away taking down pictures on the wall .. wondering how did she fall why didn't he call asking God where where did it go and where did it fall … I love u and Ive expressed love at it's weakest times.. u forgive ya past and I'll forgive mine. I gotta be trusted my heart feel busted we only got 1 life.. and I don't feel trusted .. either leave or love me .. words couldn't express how much I love ya … u couldnt love someone else if u loved me..
we ripping and running good days some spent screaming and cussing wondering if u really love me ?? Would the end be because of me do u hate me or do you love me .. do u hate that yuh love me ...

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