You're In This Together

All the time and the effort I put into this relationship,

Can you believe that this all started with a good friendship,

The ability to take care of the other on top of all your other responsibilities,

Is one quality that makes that person special in my life on top of believing in me,

It all led up to three words,

I know you,

I trust you,

and lastly,

I love you

The word love is said so loosely,

not thinking twice about what's the meaning,

what it means, what to expect out of it, are the thoughts going through your mind,

you think you know what you are doing because all you do is follow the signs,

"Go with your gut feeling" people tend to say,

but it's following your heart that makes you able to stay,

Tell the truth, be honest and respect one another,

you have only that one chance,

don't expect to have another,

Both of you should have control,

being open to one another is the whole entire goal,

Once you pass the love stage, 

tell me what love means inside this cage,

because you love me and I love you,

we stumble upon obstacles and are still able to go through,

Being in a relationship has its ups and downs,

try your best to keep each other happy and erase any frowns,

because you love each other make the spark to grow,

just because you cuff someone doesn't mean it'll always glow,

It's important for you to continue both of your journeys,

don't forget you're in this together and all you have is loyalty. 









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