Tu Me Manques



Tu me manques-

Yes, I miss you, but mostly you are missing from me.

Your hands are missing from my hips,

Your kisses are missing from my lips,

Your laugh is missing from my ears-

I can still hear it nice and clear. I’ve memorized it, you know. But it’s not the same.

My smile is missing your smile.

With you my smile was a hundred miles wide,

And warmer and brighter than the core of a brilliant white fire.

Now without you, my smile still lives on, but it’s smaller,

It’s now maybe a mile wide on a good day,

And it burns as bright as a flickering 20 watt bulb.

I’ll be okay though, I’ll carry on…

Even though I’m half a person without you…

But the half I am now will be plenty strong.

…but even the strong cry too.

I know it won’t be too long before we are whole again,

Until then I’ll be… you’ll be… we’ll be strong.

I’ll savor every call

Every “good morning” text is will be another almost there.

…We are almost there.

In case you forget during the wait how much I care, let me just say:

“Je t’aime beaucoup”

English: I love you. 

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