Love the Race or Erase the Love?


Who are you to judge who I love?

Who I kiss and who I hug?

Why are you judging who puts a smile on my face?

Would you be happier if the one I loved was a different race?


If I based my life on what you think,

How different would my future be?

If I let your opinion change my decision,

The love of my life would be far too distant.


Why does the color of our skin disgust you?

How does color determine whether our love is true?

Yes, he is black; yes, I am white,

But that does not keep me from loving him with all of my might.


Your own opinion, you are entitled,

But why spend your time judging the source of my smile?

Have you ever felt the bliss of being in love?

Did race determine whether you were embraced or shoved?


My definition of love includes unity and thoughtfulness.

Why does yours include race and nothing else?

Love, trust,

Jealousy, and lust.

No matter the color or shade, emotions are what makes us, us.


The only being that can judge is the man above.

So leave the job of judging to Him,

And learn to love.


Your poem made me cry because this is literally my thoughts typed into a poem

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