Caught Missing You

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 12:28 -- HY-PHEN

Wake up, you're up

Brushing your teeth, fixing the sheets

Downstairs, upstairs

Breakfast made, not running late


When I say your suit looks nice,

I really want you to take it off.

When I get close and fix your tie,

You're already far enough.


I'll be caught missing you.


I pick up your lunch at noon,

Bring it to work for you.

Sit in my car until two,

Scrolling through pictures of you.


I'll be caught missing you.


Red handed, light headed,

Wide awake until you get in bed,

with you with me,

with you, no worries.


Losing my sanity,

You're the better part of me,

I'm hard to deal with,

You make it easy.


Watch your every move

You know who loves who


Cause I'll be caught missing you




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