Lover's Words

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 04:21 -- Timofey



Another day , another night

saw your eyes it was love at first sight,

i need your love i need your time,

cause when everything seems to be wrong you make it right,

my lover, my life.


You shine so bright make the sun jelous,

make the colour black look white,

you give the term ugly such a fright,

make me feel as high as a kite,

my lover, my life.


Every minute every inch of my height,

you make my cardiac muscles keep up a fight,

all my darkest moments always light,

you like the only scenery geography couldnt site,

my lover,my life.


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Our world
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Wow. This is a beautiful piece of work. Although do a spelling check with some of the words. It truly is an amazing piece.

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